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TurmericA Boon to Healthy Life


Turmeric, a plant known for its medicinal use for almost 4000 years during the Vedic culture in India. It’s botanical name is Curcuma longa. The Turmeric plant reaches barely three feet in height and produces both a flower and a rhizome or stem that is found underground. The rhizome has an appearance similar to ginger that produces the yellow turmeric spice.

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India is the largest producer and consumer of Turmeric. With its inherent qualities and high content of the important bioactive compound curcumin. This Indian spice is considered to be the best in the world.

It is used to worship Sun God and has a special place in Indian tradition and worship too.

Turmeric is widely cultivated in the tropics and goes by different names in different cultures and countries (Different Name of Curcumin). In North India, turmeric is commonly called “Haldi” a word derived from the Sanskrit word Haridra (dear to Lord Krishna).

Life Cycle Of Turmeric

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Using Turmeric

1. Helps in Preventing Cancer

Turmeric can block the prostate cancer and even kills the cancer cells. It can also stop the tumor cells from growing. It can guard the body from getting cancer in the first place.

Turmeric tea has many medicinal properties including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which could contribute in cancer prevention.  The National Cancer Institute has recognized curcumin as an effective anti carcinogen, or substance that helps prevent cancer.

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Turmeric when combined with vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower, may help treat and prevent prostate cancer.

Studies shows that Curcumin may have an anti-tumor effect which help in reducing the size of tumor. It also inhibited the growth of human colon cancer.

2. Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack

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Curcumin also helps in lowering the cholesterol and prevent the buildup of LDL i.e. Bad Cholesterol in the blood vessels.

It could therefore stop the build-up of plaque (atherosclerosis) that can block arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes.


It is great for heart health which makes it one of the most important reasons to include it in your diet daily.

 3.  Relieves Arthritis

As Turmeric brings down the swelling, it’s great toImage of Turmeric Benefit on Arthritis use for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It also kills germ that harm body cells.

People with rheumatoid arthritis who eat turmeric all the time have gotten much rest from pain and joint swelling.

Curcumin has multiple ways in treating rheumatoid arthritis:

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Improves antioxidant defenses
  • Protects bone cells

 4. Controls Diabetes

Turmeric can help cure diabetes, by keeping insulin at normal levels. It also helps with sugar control and makes the medicine used for diabetes work. But if used with strong medicine, it can cause low blood sugar. So make sure to ask your doctor before taking it’s capsules.

Curcumin work as anti-diabetic agents by reducing blood glucose levels, stimulating insulin secretion and promoting pancreas function.

5. Benefits in Hirsutism

Hirsutism or excessive facial hair occurs as a result of hormonal imbalances. Traditionally it is used as a home remedy for hirsutism as its topical application helps lighten facial hair and reduce the growth.

Additionally, taking turmeric orally can help in easing out hormonal imbalances causing hirsutism.

6. Immunity Booster

Turmeric helps keeps the body’s immune system going. It also helps in strengthening the immune system as it kills the bacteria, viruses and fungi. This stops you from getting cold, coughs and flu. To Help you feel better if you do get sick, mix one teaspoon of turmeric-powder in a glass of warm milk and drink it once a day.

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7. Helps in Reducing the Aging of Skin

Turmeric is a spice used in Asian cooking that is famous in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine as an anti-ageing and healing herb.

Turmeric can protect skin from wrinkles and sun damage induced aging. It’s antioxidant property is found to beneficial in managing skin aging.

Since aging cannot be avoided, one can always opt for healthy aging.

8. Help in Treatment of Acne

Curcumin inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause acne. Turmeric anti-inflammatory, wound healing and anti-microbial properties can aid in treating acne.


9. Therapeutic in Herpes

Curcumin inhibits the replication of HSV-1. Turmeric wound healing properties can help in treating warts and sores occurring in herpes.

10. Protects from Side Effects of Drugs

Turmeric reduces the side effects of other medications. It protects from gastric side effects of pain killers. It protects liver and kidney function from toxicity of various drugs and also protects the reproductive system from drug induced toxicity.

 Concluding Note

Now as you know the amazing health benefits of Turmeric for your health and for particular health conditions, you should definitely start with your daily dose.

Turmeric in dietary quantities does not pose any risk. Doses up to 8g have found to be safe but high doses can cause gastric side effects in real life. Avoid taking it on an empty stomach.

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