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An attractive medium sized deciduous tree, Reetha (Sapindus mukorossi), stands up to 20 m in height, with gray smooth bark and pinnate leaves.

The flowers on Reetha plant grow during the summer season and are small in size and greenish white in color. The fruit appears in July and August and ripens by the months of November and December. This ripened fruit is then either sold in the market as soap nut or collected for seeds, as they tend to germinate easily.

Scientific Name: Sapindus mukorossi

Family Name : Sapindaceae

Part Used : Soapnuts, Soapnut Shells, Soapnut Shells Powder

Uses of Reetha 

  • Used for improve the shine of jewels, to wash clothes
  • Soapnut is a versatile medicinal herb. It is used for treating skin diseases and psychiatric disorders
  • The herb is also used in the treatment of extra salvation, migraine, epilepsy and chlorosis
  •  It is used as the main ingredient in soaps and shampoos for washing hair, as it is considered good for the health of hair

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