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Shikakai is a prickly bush or climber and grows in tropical forests of India. Its fruits are very well known for use as natural hair shampoo. Its pod turn dark brown and wrinkled on drying. In each pod there are six to ten seeds.

Shikakai is also used in traditional medicine to treat Jaundice, Constipation and skin problems.  Its leaves, pods has astringent action and useful in treating cuts, wounds and oral problems. Its pods decoction is prepared and used for washing and cleaning of wound for quick healing.

Scientific Name: Acacia concinna

Family Name : Mimosaceae

Part Used : Seed & Fruit

Uses of Shikakai 

  • It is popularly referred as “fruit for the hair”. It is used to control dandruff, promoting hair growth and strengthening hair roots.
  • Extracts of the ground pods have been used for various skin diseases.
  • Bad Breath, Gum Infection
  • Skin Disorders, Itching and Pimples
  • An ointment, prepared from the ground pods, is good for skin diseases

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