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 Senna Leaves

Cassia angustifolia aka Senna leaves is mainly cultivated in southern & western India. Senna has been used as a laxative for centuries.The Arabian physicians, who once imported materials through Alexandria, were among the first to record the use of Senna leaf as a medicine.

Senna has Healing power and curative properties to treat many stomach & colon related problems. Sennoside found in senna is a major component used by drug industries across world.

Common name: Senna , Indian Senna, Tinnervelly Senna, Cassia Senna

Botanical Name: Cassia angustifolia

Family name: Caesalpiniodeae 

Part Used: Pods, Stems, Leaves

Benefits of Senna

  • Main Ingredient of Many Herbal Laxative
  • Works great in Constipation because of its cathartic effect
  • Helpful to various skin diseases
  • Helps in Treatment of Ring Worm and Acne
  • Cure Hypertension and Obesity

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